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Bone Cancer

Bone Cancer


Bone cancer requires expert care. Many symptoms may emerge as bone cancer develops and grows, but pain is the most common. While the disease may occur in any bone in the body, it most often develops in the long bones of the arms and legs. Arthritis, osteoporosis or an injury may mimic many bone cancer symptoms.

Bone Cancer

Bone and soft tissue tumours unit brings together Surgical Oncologists, Medical oncologists, orthopedic surgeons, radiation oncologists, dermatologists, radiologists, nurses, technicians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychologists and psychotherapists.

The place where a cancer starts in the body is known as the primary tumour. A malignant (cancerous) tumour is made up of millions of cancer cells. Some of these cells may break away from the primary cancer and be carried in the bloodstream to another part of the body. The cancer cells may settle in that part of the body and then form a new tumour. If this happens it′s called a secondary cancer or a metastasis.